Termite Hill in the South Rift Valley

Large and noticeable on the low, flat floor of the Rift Valley in Kenya, it is easy to appreciate why people see termite hills as both an eruption of the underworld into this world and as an access point to that unseen land. The termites move comfortably between the worlds, and we can only hope to emulate their chthonic wisdom.


  1. Hello, my name is Andrea, i live in Mérida Yucatán and was born in Acapulco, a place near the beach.

    First, i want to show my respect for your work and tell you somethings that have happened to me on these days.

    Ive been passing through some magic things lately, ive known a person that have cause intrigue on me about orishas, im sure her orisha is nana buruku. Someone had already told me that Babalu ayé was my yoruba father, and i wanted to contact him. I've investigate about babalu and having a skin disease makes sense in wether he's guiding my path, or not. I'm a very eclectic spiritual person, and intuitive too. Things have happened very quickly, ive dreamt about babalu ayé and he gave me the number 40. Don't know what that mean, and i wish i could get things clearer.

    How can i get in touch with him, with my path, i'm starting to think about offering something, that will cost my autodiscipline but knowing that is not suicidal and that i can achive...

    Well, thank you very much for reading and i send you my purest good energies. thank you.


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