Where Babalú-Ayé Became a Diviner

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The sign Ogundá Meyi includes this story:

Once in the land of the Arará, Asojano encountered Changó, who told him to sit on a large stone. Suddenly, the skill to divine came to Asojano and from then on he ruled over the Arará. This is why Asojano is made on a stone, rather than an overturned mortar like most orishas.

In this laconic explanatory tale, we see Asojano being guided to leadership by Changó, as in so many other stories. Here Changó directs him where to seat himself, a powerful move given the fact that “seating” the oricha is a major metaphor in both speech and ritual. The result is equally powerful: once seated, Asojano suddenly, inexplicably acquires the power of an oracle and can divine at will.

I love this image: Asojano is sitting on a stone, directly connected to the Earth, and he spontaneously becomes a spokesperson for the knowledge (or wisdom?) that comes up from the Earth. Speaking from this grounded place, he fulfills his natural authority and assumes his role as King of the Arará.

It reminds me of the Oracle of Delphi, where the priestess titled Pythia sat over a crevice in the Earth and spoke the truth for all who sought her advice.


  1. Dr. Mason, I was recently crowned Lucumi Babaluaya under the sign Affimaye. I am still a Iyawa and will have my first birthday on Dec 12, 2010. My godfather's father is Wonderful and Babaluaye is his father and he was crowned Yemanye in Cuba. Can you please give me more information about this sign. I have read almost all of your postings and since I was crowned the orisha, my life suddenly made sense. I was born in the tiny island of Barbados and to my knowledge I am the first family member to receive Osha. Of course my mother is Ibu Kole and after reading your information it all makes sense especially my ongoing relationship with Oshun and Babaluaye since birth. I especially can identify with your posting about your grand daughter because I share many of the stomach problems from birth. Every child should have the opportunity you gave to your grand daughter to understand life's path.



  2. Iyawó,
    Congratulations on your initiation and carrying Lucumí and Babalú-Ayé to a new land.

    May Asojano bless you with health, luck, strength, tranquility and spiritual evolution.


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