Where Lázaro de la Caridad Zulueta Soa Got Irete Meyi

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t happened that Lázaro was having a hard time. Storms had cost him a great deal of money. He was unemployed like so many other people, and he was witnessing the slow degradation of all that he loved.  So Lázaro saved his pennies and brought down Orula. The three diviners pulled the odu Irete Meyi. The sign came in osobo ikú otonowá, the difficulty of natural death. Here is what the diviners said:
This is the sign of the Earth and it controls all that is implied by Death. The Earth’s greatest aché is endurance through difficulty, upheaval, and change. It is Asojano in person, and his spirituality is born here.  This sign takes on everything that is cast out in life.
Orula says you will die when Olofi ordains it. You will die at the right time, but the sign comes with negativity, so you have to be careful to avoid its pitfalls. This sign is the birthplace of many illnesses. With negativity, you are moving toward death, and if you get sick, it will be hard to save you. Sickness is the entryway to Death. The main illnesses that are likely to manifest fall into several main categories:
1.       Communicable diseases:  For example, smallpox, leprosy, pleurisy, pestilent fevers, epidemics, infections that do not respond to antibiotics. Epidemics start with one but endanger us all.
2.       Skin diseases:  For example, Abscesses, boil, pimples, sores on the arms and legs, scabies, eczema and other skin eruptions.
3.       Breakdown of bodily systems:  For example, infertility, impotence, digestive disorders. It can be very difficult to have children in this sign. Children do not develop normally in the womb, and birth defects and miscarriages are common here.
4.       Paralysis:  You may have herniated discs that it hard to move. You must be extremely careful not to fall, as you can injury yourself severely. Be extra careful when climbing or getting on or off a bus or bicycle.
5.       Blood diseases: For example, leukemia. Where illness is is born, the blood is sick. The parasite is in the blood.
You may have terrible ringing in your ears, and you may feel a great weakness in your hands and legs.
The elders in your family are likely to pass away soon.
The sign also says the one who drains the river destroys the home of the fish. This reminds you of the need to maintain a healthy environment for yourself, your family, and your community. It speaks of environmental contamination that can harm you and yours.
This sign resuscitates the dead, as it went to the land of the dead but returned to walk with the living. Here you see why we say that Irete Meyi is Asojano in person.
Although you are not likely to listen, the odu says go to the doctor and get a check-up.
You suffer because of your character. You tend to be proud, hardheaded, vain, willful, and capricious. You think yourself superior to everyone, and you think that you do not need to follow the same rules that everyone else does.  This leads to swearing, law-breaking, and even perversion. You may even delight in breaking taboos.
You like to praise yourself and enumerate your accomplishments, but you do not like to work hard. It is difficult for you to sacrifice for anyone else. Rather, you are inclined to sacrifice in order to get what you alone seek. You have difficulty admitting your mistakes. In fact, with osobo, you are capable of being extraordinarily cruel and cold. When angry, you are truly terrifying to everyone around you. The furious sledge hammer sinks the anvil into the Earth.
These characteristics do not endear you to the people around you. In fact, your disregard for other may lead to your infecting them with your illnesses.
This is a sign of judgment, and your attitude and behavior may also be judged very harshly by Olofi and the orichas.  In this sign illness is sometimes a punishment. There is a famous story about Babalú-Ayé in this sign that speaks to the ramifications of a difficult character. Where Babalú-Ayé cursed Coconut Tree.  Babalú was exhausted and hungry from his long walk, when he arrived to a place in the forest where a beautiful coconut tree grew. He drew near and asked Coconut Tree, “If you would be so kind as to give me one of your children to slake my thirst and calm my hunger…” Coconut Tree was very proud and answered that his children were not to be given away as gifts but rather were for sale, explaining that if Babalú had money, she would sell him one of her children. But he didn’t even have a place to fall down dead, and looking at Coconut Tree said, “Lorobí eminé ofún lorobí aquelle lorobí.” (I curse you, the parasite will enter your body and by the time you realize it, you will be yellow.) After he continued walking for a while, he returned to the same place and saw that Coconut Tree was completely yellow and her children were spread across the ground.
Temporary insanity with its associated outbursts and acting out can destroy a person’s reputation in this sign. Similarly, a crazy person here can ask for death, and Heaven will respond because the person has been disobedient and pigheaded.
The remedy for these character issues is simple: The wise man practices humility and respect in all things. He who comes from above will eventually lay his head on the Earth.
This is a sign of war and confrontation, so your strong character can engender hostility in others. The resulting conflicts are hard to manage. There are traps and plans made to thwart you on your road.
Simple problems turn out to be quite difficult here and tranquil situations turn violent with little notice. Well-kept secrets are revealed and things you thought were forgotten come out. The oil’s surface is clear and still, but at the bottom it is dark and dirty.
In fact, the intense and charged atmosphere of this sign can lead to curses being placed on children in the womb (usually by another woman who is jealous); a curse like this can cause all sorts of problems for both mother and child. Issues of paternity can tear families apart here, with doubts, accusations, insulations, and tragedies. Seduction of minors, incest, and rape are all too common here as are other forms of abuse (breaking taboos). In this sign, Ochún had a difficult child who abused her, and children sometime mistreat their parents in this sign, and it is important to maintain order and respect in the home.
Here you may learn that you have a child you did not know about.
Strange blood pacts and racial tensions also present themselves here. Secrets come out.
With blessings, this sign brings prosperity, so much prosperity that it creates envy in the people around you. But with osobo, it makes clear that you will continue to have hard times. Scarcity and difficulty will define your path for some time to come. You should prepare for losses.
If you are well-off now, you must work to avoid a reversal of fortune, as masters become servants in this sign.
The odu says you must be careful not to fall into the hole of prosperity. There is a story here where Olofi tied up all the money in the world and hung it in a tree. Through ebó, Orunmila was able to get to it and share it with his children.
Specifically, Orula says you have to give coconuts, candles, and cool water to Orula. You have to be cleaned with a hen that is fed to Oyá. And you have to give your children spiritual baths regularly to protect them. (This sign includes a story where a woman loses three of her six children.)
In addition, you need to do an ebó on the tablero of Ifá with a hen, white cloth, red cloth, black cloth, a bow, a mouse trap, an egg, a bone with meat on it, a small fish and the other ingredients.
Make ebó to Asojano on a regular basis. Pay any debt that you have to him. This sign has everything to do with Babalú-Ayé, as a model for redemption and as a spiritual actor. Humility, obedience, and respect are essential for success here.
More generally, the sign suggests a cleaning with two guinea hens if you become seriously ill.
This sign is nicknamed Eyi Elemere, because it is strongly associated with the emere, the forest spirits who teach medicine to those who meet them.  These spirits can bring great blessings to those who get to know them, but they can be unpredictable and therefore dangerous. Here again you see the link to the powers of the Earth.
If you have been told that you will need to make ocha, you should do it within the year.
This is the birth of astral body so you may experience some kind of astral travel.
You cannot open or cross holes in the ground.
You should not eat many grains.
You should not eat animals that live underground.
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Lázaro de la Caridad Zulueta Soa heard the babalawos and made the ebó. Only time would tell how much negativity he would avoid.


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